Spain Information & Resources 2001-2008

Our Spain Resources 2001-2008
from Flamenco Romántico

We have been told that some of these resources are no longer current. Things are constantly getting more expensive in Spain, and of course time brings changes. Please check first. This is a guide based on our experience and so we cannot be responsible for anything other than recommending to you what we did before).


To get $ from an ATM
Find out from your bank what they charge but then don’t believe them. In 2007 we withdrew two equal amounts from two different bank accounts and compared the rate of exchange + any other charges. Bank of America charged a hefty service fee every time we used withdrew from our checking account (although they had said they wouldn’t). Their exchange rate was a little better, but not enough better to warrant using them. There are ATMs all around. You get Euros from them. You just have to make sure they have the symbol on your bankcard. Some ATMs will let you take out more than others will.

Concha Vargas - Starting September 1, 2008  will be teaching at Torombo’s studio in the
Plaza Pelicano, weeknights at 7 PM.
For more information you can reach her on her mobile phone at 011-34-686-67-67-45
If you call her, please remember that she speaks Spanish and that Spain is 9 hours ahead of California.
Internet Access (from home):
Can get Internet from Telefónica; deals especially good on the web, internet specials. I had to link it to my Spanish bank account (which I keep for just such situations).

In 2003 we used Wanadoo   
Fax: 902-01-00-09  24 hour flat rate for Mac users 20 E + IVA
To cancel, send fax with photocopy of passport 15 days before the end of the month. They bill by the month only.
# to link or reach them? 906-295-100

Or hook up ADSL with telefónica. Check their Internet specials.

Internetia (Internet Café)
Avda. Menéndez Pelayo, 46  (just before the MAS)
41003 Sevilla
954-53-40-03, FAX: 954-53-34-81
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Internet Access. Can print, fax, and buy all kinds of phone cards too.

The code to set your answering machine is 0000
To cancel send signed fax with copy of passport to 902-31-57-82

Massage Therapist - Great
Alicia: from Argentina, works on Flamenco dancers; great. Works with her massage partner Perla. Check to see if she is there in the summer or has gone to Cadiz.
1½ hours = 45 Euros 6/07.

Physical Therapist & Pilates Instructor
Toshi: -trained in Japan. Also a Flamenco dancer
and husband to Diana Vargas (FlamencArte). Great!!!!
630-384-642, or home: 954-00-52-51           Sevilla

Naturopath/Homeopath Healer
Francisco “Paco” Luque Castillo, Naturopata - Homeopata.      
Teléf. 954-57-50-31,
Maria Josefa de Segovia, 56, Esquina Avda. El Greco, 46
(junto a Talleres FRANLUQ), 41007, Sevilla.
Referred by Pilar Dominguez, wife of Paquito Fernandez 12/03

Acupunctura - Jesus (friend of Paco Lira's)  GREAT

Dentista - Julia Segura Saint-Gerons (2001)
Condes de Bustillo, 2 - 2 Isq.(Triana)
41010 Sevilla
recommeded by Toni (Pisco Lira's wife) (2001)

Reliable house cleaner
Trini – 636-90-3471 (referred by Blanca). 2007=$10 Euros but is full.

Airport - 954-449-000
The airport opens at 5 AM, but nothing is open inside the airport.  Like the coffee shops, they open around 5:30 AM. Arrive at 5:30 for a 7 AM flight.

Restaurants in the Santa Catalina/Puerto Osario Vicinity
It is polite to tip, but not the American amounts. Usually a Euro or two is sufficient unless the service is bad.

La Giganta
Our favorite hole-in the-wall this year, 2007. Closed Mondays. Moroccan influence, delicately spiced, not too much salt. Not a lot of vegetables. Calle Alhondiga, 6, side of Sta Catalina Church, at the entrance to Plaza los Terceros. 954-210-975

Bar Casa Eme
Puerta Osario – Wonderful food, including coquinas and caricoles. It is often full and closes for siesta. Outside seating only. Not touristy. The bill is still written on the countertop in chalk like all the bars used to do. 2007. Self service – you walk up and get your food when they call it out. Closed Wednesdays.

Restaurants on Santa Maria la Blanca & Vicinity

Bar Mesquita (was El Córdobes), owned by Antonio y Mercedes – open from morning until late (until midnight or later), cheap, good and nice. Tell Antonio “Hola de Freddie y Marianna”. The waiters were our friends too, but now most have moved on to new jobs. Two locations on Santa Maria la Blanca. Better in 2003 than now. Eat inside or outside. There is another Cordobes (same family) but not as good or nice, 2 doors down from the older Cordobes toward Carmela. El Bar Cordobes used to have our favorite Gazpacho other than Concha Vargas’s. Also good: Ensalada Tropicana (with fruit); pechuga de pollo plancha (grilled chicken breast) (you may ask to substitute salad for potatoes if you want); gambas al ajillo (little shrimp in garlic & lots of olive oil); Coquinas (cockles, which are like tiny clams); revueltos con asparagus (scrambled eggs with asparagus and shrimp). I also used to like their Espinacas (although it does have a lot of olive oil in it). Also, always have zumo de naranja natural (fresh squeezed orange juice). Be sure to ask if it is “natural”, which means fresh. Sometimes (at many restaurants including this one) they squeeze it earlier and it is not as good just squeezed. The second El Corbobes is now located on the corner where the little ice cream shop used to be. I think the food may have changed although Antonio is still there a lot. We saw him at the new one.
El Córdobes sometimes take a day off, but not always. It depends on the season. 954-42-3435, Santa María la Blanca, They have a website too and a guía (guide) listing:

Carmela- owned by May (pronounced My). This is an outdoor café and a used to be a meeting place around noon for Paco and friends. We had coffee here when we used to live in the area. The food (tapas) is not great (but is passable) and is more expensive. Their spinach quiche is good. The ambience is great when our friends are there. May is a friend of ours too. She speaks some English. They almost always have toilet paper in their clean bathrooms.
Photos of Bar Cordobes and Carmela are on our web site at: and in the 1999 writings as well.

Casa Diego- cheap and good food. Family owned and operated. Opens from 2:00 – 4:00 and reopens at 8PM until 10 PM. Closed Saturday evening and Sunday. 1 block from Santa Maria la Blanca. . Go down Calle Cano y Cueto to the Plaza de los Curtadores. Casa Diego is on your left when you get to the plaza. Their pechuga de pollo plancha is good (again you can substitute salad for potatoes if you wish) and also their lentil soup is delicious and also their cocido (garbanzo bean stew). Their chicken salad (ensalada de pollo) has shrimp and apples in it as well as chicken. It is delicious. They almost always have toilet paper in their clean bathrooms.

Concha Vargas liked to eat at the bar El Cortadero (owned by the Casa Diego people) when she taught at La Carboneria.. El Cortadero ‘s back faces the same square as Casa Diego. They serve tapas and coffee (as well as alcohol) and are open in the afternoon.
Plaza Pelícano area
Bar: Bar Pelícano, Calle Santa Lucia. This is near the Trinidad area. Good food. A lot of Flamencos go there after class in Plaza Pelícano. Watch how much change you get back.

You can buy stamps, postcards, cigarettes, lighters, and maybe still phone cards to call the States, etc. at the estanco on Santa Maria La Blanca (across and down from Bar Cordobes). There is a stationary store across Menendez Pelayo (at stoplight). It is right there on your right after you cross the street. Beyond that, on the same side of the street, is another little estanco which I like very much. It seems to be a little cheaper (than the other one) and the lady who runs it is always friendly and nice. And, you can re-charge your móbil there too.
The best place to buy phone cards for the US is at Internetia, on the same side of the street, farther on down, just before the MAS.

OKEY- hand embroidered silk mantoncitas- (Barrios Santa Cruz) Pasaje de Andreu 1 - B   Tel: 954-22-46-93

Is right in the Carmela Alta Mira plaza, next to Alta Mira.

Hotels in Barrio Santa Cruz/Barrio de la Judería

Hotel Amadeus, la casa de la musica, (reservations advised)
954-50-14-43   FAX: 954-50-00-19
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     www.
Christine’s parents stayed here and loved it.

Las Casas de la Judería  (need reservations)
Plaza Santa Maria la Blanca
Callejón de dos Hermanas, 7  (across from Carmela)     41004 Sevilla, Spain
Tel: (34) 95-441-51-50     Fax: (34) 95-442-21-70

Hotel Murillo


Jewelry - Joyería Santa Ana Triana  Tel & Fax: 954-33-00-74
San Jacinto, 40
41010 – Sevilla

Bars in Triana

Bar- Las Golondrinas   Tel: 954-331-626,  Antillano Campos, 26
Triana, Sevilla


Hotel Britz - 958-22-36-52 tel y fax  (2001)
C/ Cuesta de Gomérez, 1
18009 Granada, Spain

Inlay furniture and things
Laguna (at Alhambra) friends of Angel Carmona

To Make Reservations for a tour of the Alhambra
    Our friends who are guides there (call in advance):
Cristina Carmona: movil: 607-160-670
Angel Carmona, Sr.:  movi: 607-750-872

El Quiñon Restaurant (2003) open Thursday - Sunday
957-32-32-23    + móvil 630-07-50-85
Ctra Palma del Rio, Km 5 14005 Córdoba


Taxi 24 hours (2003) 956-34-48-60

Hotels (2001)
Nuevo Hotel
Caballeros, 23        11403 Jerez de la Frontera
Tell - 956-33-16-00      Fax - 956-33-16-04
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Hotel in Jerez rec. by James O'Conner.
Looks very nice. Was 3000 pts/person  with baño.

Hotel Joma was recommended and looked nice (it was booked) but I would try Hotel Nuevo First
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
medina, 28
11402 Jerez de la Frontera
Tel: 956-34-96-89        956-32-28-11         Fax: 956-34-77-43

Las Palomas - a dirty hostel which we did not like.

Hotel Trujillo - wanted 7000 pesetas for a double bed which had uncomfortable springs in it. They were rude and we did not stay there.

Great Street Shoes, Wide Sizes, Boots (2003)
Maribel Calzadados (2001)
Corredera, 33    Jerez
Flamenco Student of Ana Lopez
great street shoes, wide sizes, boots

Dance Classes
Ana Lopez - is supposed to be very good.

(2003) Taxi company: Pepe’s car rental and taxi twenty-four hour service: 95-485-06-65 or 95-485-17-37 or cell phone: 608-33-92-57 or 699-19-75-22.

Gran Hotel Moron-  2003 = 64.20 Euros/couple or 42.80/single
Tel: 955-856-142  or - 955-856-128        Fax: - 955-856-024

Peña Los Gallos de Morón- 954-85-08-22

Hotel San Gabriel, (2003)
C/. Marqués de Moctezuma, 19       Ronda, Spain
Tel: 952-190-392    Fax: 952-190-117  
 e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

SPAIN in General
To confirm your Citibank credit card or take care of other Citibank business from Europe: call 301-797-2328. It will automatically be a collect call.

American Airlines toll free from Europe #: 902-115-570
American Airlines Advantage toll free from Europe #: 902-115-575
American Airlines: 91-453-1440
Iberia: 902-400-500
Airport in Sevilla: 954-449-000

Corte Ingles will change Euros to $ on your credit card, but they charge 2% so see what your credit card charges when you buy in Euros. 6/07

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