My Flamenco Dance class Performance and rehearsal for a 3-minute show - March 2013

 The top video is of our actual show at the Mello Theater. The bottom video is of a rehearsal the week before the show.

Three minutes is not a lot of time, but we have created this dynamic show within this time frame!

We performed this for the Watsonville Dance Club scholarship fundraiser on March 22, 2013. At this rehearsal below: Marianna Mejia (instructor), Federico Mejia on cajon, James MacColl guitar, Kiel Siler (James' student on guitar), and my dance students: Tracy, Nick, Michelle, Leia. Missing from this rehearsal are the other palmeras: Nini, Patty, and Ananda, whom you see in the top video of the actual show.

I am excited about this show. Two of the dancers have been dancing less than 1 year, and the other has been dancing just over a year!!!!!  Ole. The palmas pattern in the beginning was originally taught to me by Concha Vargas. Many of the steps were taught in 2012 by Juan del Gastor when he gave a workshop here at Flamenco Romántico.

Here is the video of a rehearsal the week before the above show. © 2013

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