• Flamenco Dance Class Santa Cruz Schedule 2018


    in Santa Cruz, California

    With Marianna Mejia


    Ongoing  Schedule  2018


    No class this Thursday Feb 15, 2018


    Flamenco Classes for beginner/intermediate

    Saturday  11AM-12:30PM    Bulerias por Fiesta

    and Thursday  6:30PM - 8:00PM  Emphasis on Footwork technique, palmas + Bulerias por Fiesta

    Flamenco Classes for intermediate/advanced - WEDNESDAYS 6:30-8:00 PM- Soleá

    MONDAYS  6:30-8:00 PM (call for details - temporarily on hold)  

    Designed to push intermediate/advanced students

    Live music in most group classes

    Hope to see you at our next class!


    Marianna's Classes: Technique, Bulerías Dance & Palmas

    Class Multi-level – includes beginners

    Saturdays 11:00AM-12:30 PM

    Thursday evenings 6:30-8 PM Focus on Footwork technique


    Technique, Soleá, Bulerías, & Palmas

    Class Multi-level – Intermediate-Advanced

    Wednesday evenings 6:30-8:00 PM -
    Soleá & technique


    Monday evenings 6:30-8:00 PM - Intermediate/Advanced mixed.
    Technique, various palos, foot counters, palmas, & more.

    Advanced technique & polishing -

    Monday class on Hiatus, call for more info


    All hour-and-a-half group classes:

    $ 60 for a 4 classes taken within a 4-week period

    or $20 drop-in fee.

    Private lessons available on request. 

    Classes with Marianna Mejia

    presented by Flamenco Romántico

    in the Flamenco Romántico Dance Studio

    Hidden Valley Road, Soquel, (Santa Cruz county) CA 95073


    For more info and to enroll:831-216-6072

    www.flamencoromantico.com   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Live music in all group classes

    Dance classes in Soquel (Santa Cruz). We love Flamenco. What a workout. 


    Paypal payments must be received before you arrive for class!

    Marianna Mejia

    Comments from our Flamenco students


    "You have been a wonderful teacher, mentor, and being. I'm so happy we were brought together. Gracias por todo." 

    Malin Alegria


    Hola Maestra.

    We were so delighted to see you last night!  Cathy, Jose and I can't sing you enough praises on how lovely you look and how healthy you glow!  Cathy and I were exchanging our feelings on what an inspirational woman and teacher you are.  You are so encouraging and helpful as a teacher and as a human being, just as wonderful as they come!  :)  

    I love you dearly and I just wanted you to know that!!!!!!

    … I am very clear that my learning comes from YOU.  … my learning truly, comes in the way you break things down, the patience and time you have to show each one of us how to hear the sound, see the "dibujo", imagine the roots of the tree, and so forth.  These are only some of the important things you bring as a teacher.......something i have yet to see in any other instructor that has come by (and perhaps they don't have the luxury of time as they are only here teaching 1- 5 days maximum).  

    That being said, I hope to continue going to your class as long as I have breath in me and learn from whom i consider THE BEST!

    Con mucho amor y respeto,


    Now, the fact that you are not from Spain, believe it or not IS the very thing that makes it so helpful.  I grew up dancing to Cumbia and Hip-Hop.  I cannot convey or relate to those who DIDNT grow up with it.  A better teacher will be the one who caught on DESPITE he/she didn't grow up in it, make sense?  To me, you have got it all, including humility and poise.  

    Thank you infinitely for teaching me much more than the complexity of footwork, compass and all of the counter intuitive upper body movements.  You posses so much more than you are aware of and for that I am grateful.





    "Thank you Marianna, we have you to thank for the development of our skill and our introduction to the flamenco Gypsy arts. We are looking forward to the performance". Nicholas H. & Michelle D.


    "Thank you for your wonderful gift of Flamenco in my life." Patricia D.


    "Ole!! I am impressed how fast your students are learning!!" Roberto V.


    "Dear Marianna,

    Thank you so much for the wonderful class. Hope we can get you on the radio."

    Nada M.



    "Teacher, a todos y a todas, tu nos ensenas la passion por el "Deep Flamenco Gypsy Feeling" 

    Tu eres Funny

    Tu eres pura Gitana :) Oléééé :)



    You are a Beautiful Woman Marianna :)

    My Flamenco Teacher" Virginie V.


    "I was just thinking about you yesterday, Luis and I were giving a semi-private lesson to a couple here in Boise. The wife wanted to know more about bulerías and then we got into my travels in Spain. I really appreciate all of the opportunities and support you guys have provided all of these years. Without it, I would likely not have so much Flamenco knowledge and experience--I cannot say Thank you enough!" Estefania S.



    "Marianna: Thank you sooo much for a wonderful class. You have inspired me! Counting down the days til the next class" Tracy F.

      "Wonderful class tonight, always leaves me motivated and nourished. Thank you for your presence and your teaching!" Cathryn B.


    "Thank you Marianna for the flamenco class on Saturday, I enjoyed it so much " Gabriella L.


    " The little one... was also really very sad that we didnt go (to class last night). She wasn't

    all that much into Flamenco and after she saw you do the Solea, she told me: "Me gusta

    mucho NUESTRA clase de Flamenco, Mami....mi maestra es muy bonita y me gusta

    mucho la musica!" I couldnt be happier!!!" Aymeth R.


    "I LOVE taking flamenco classes with you, Marianna! The live music and your joyful presence make me thrilled to learn this most passionate dance with you. Thank you!" Serina T.

    "Maestra...  I can't tell you enough what an amazing teacher you are and love, love, love (did I say love?) you style and teaching methods!"  Aymeth S.

    "Dear Marianna, I am so enjoying your Bulerias class! I appreciate your willingness to review previously-taught steps and to answer all our questions. It is a good for us to hear your encouragement, as it inspires us to practice, learn and express more through dance."  Laura S.

    "Thanks for such a fabulous class - I truly enjoyed it. Looking forward to Thursday!" Cathy N.

    "Thank you so much again for the beautiful gifts from Spain.  You are a wonderful teacher and a beautiful soul!  Tonight was great - Óle!!  XOXOXO." 9/09     Daniella S.

    "Flamenco class truly feeds my soul.”     Marcie W.

“I’m loving your classes – there is so much to work on, and it’s a good (safe) place to grow.  Everyone – you, Freddie, James, Aaron – you all know so much and are so supportive.  I am looking forward to joining the Wednesday group.”     Daniella S.

Hi! Thank you soooo much for yesterday's class! It was PERFECT!!!”     Amanda S.


  • Juan Paredes Flamenco Santa Cruz 2016

    Juan Paredes Flamenco Workshop Santa Cruz 2016

    Our next workshop is coming up in May, so it is time to save the date, make plans, and to register! If you are not using Facebook, I can send you other links to the rentals, so please ask. Please see below to youtube links for Juan Paredes.
    For those of you who know Juan Paredes, is it hard to imagine that he has “movie star” in his list of credits? Check out this video from the film Montoyas y Tarantos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8h9ZOku16Fc. You can ask him about it when he is in Santa Cruz teaching his popular bulerías festeras classes on May 26-28. Early registration for the workshop is open through April 1. Info: http://www.berdole.com/soniquete.

    Thursday, May 26, 7:30 - 9:30 PM

    Friday, May 27, 7:30 - 9:30 PM
    Saturday, May 28 1:00 - 3:00 PM

    Flamenco Romántico Academy of Gypsy Flamenco Arts, 1007 Hidden Valley Road, Soquel, CA 95073

    Note: Overnight accommodations are available at a discounted rate at Rustic Vacation Rentals at Flamenco Romántico, a lovely vacation rental located on the grounds of Flamenco Romántico Studio. Inquire for details: https://www.facebook.com/VacationRentalsAtFlamencoRomantico

    Special workshop prices for my rental rooms on the property are $100/day – You must be enrolled for the workshop to receive this price. Contact Marianna for room rentals. 831-216-6072. First come first served bases. Your check will reserve your room.
    Registration is only available online. All tuition payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.

    Participants will receive course prep materials about bulerías and dancing "por fiesta" prior to classes.

    Early registration: $130
    Late registration: $150
    Single class: $40 & $60


    Contact Julie Galle Baggenstoss with questions: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 404-277-1499

    Visit www.facebook.com/groups/soniquete2016 to be part of a community of people moving with Juan Paredes in the U.S.A. in 2016.

    Visit www.territoriosoniquetero.com for information about Juan Paredes' ongoing classes of bulerías festers.




  • New Writing Website

    I now have a website dedicated to writings I am editing for publication. You will find writings not published here. 

    The two books I am currently working on are, "When the Moon Dances - A Memoir - Becoming the Oldest Generation" and "Turquoise Interlude."

    To find out more about them, 

    Please visit www.MariannaMejia.com

    Be sure to click on the blog to like the articles and to follow me. You are also welcome to leave comments on each post. 


  • Rustic Vacation Rentals at Flamenco Romantico

    Now you can book our Rustic Vacation Rentals at Flamenco Romantico through airbnb through the link below. It will take you to one of our camping sites and you can look for other properties at Flamenco Romantico to see our rooms, and other camp sites and photos....

    You can also find us at Rustic Vacation rentals at Flamenco Romantico on Facebook, and also on HipCamp.

    Camping on our beautiful land #1

    Soquel, CA, United States
    THIS IS CAMPING, NOT A PRIVATE ROOM. You bring your own tent, sleeping bags, and supplies! Camping area plus use of shared kitchen and bathroom. For more description see our other 2 camping listing...
  • Writing Website

    I now have a website dedicated to writings I am editing for publication. You will find writings not published here. 

    The two books I am currently working on are, "When the Moon Dances - A Memoir - Becoming the Oldest Generation" and "Turquoise Interlude." 

    To find out more about them, 

    Please visit www.MariannaMejia.com

    Be sure to click on the blog to like the articles and to follow me. You are also welcome to leave comments on each post. 


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