To use Essential Oils


Instructions To Use Essentials Oils

Pour 1 - 3 drops slowly, carefully into the palm of one hand (without touching the top of the bottle) and with two fingers of the other hand make 3 clockwise circles to stir the oil. This increases the oil’s frequency.

While applying the oils, think about and visualize the healing energy going into the person.

Valor - Use First - For Courage and To Align The Body Structure And to Increase the Effectiveness of the Other Oils

For Sore Muscles and Aches you can use one or more of these two blends at the same time. Apply on location.

Pane Away

Aroma Seiz

Lavender - For relaxing muscles, reducing inflammation, relaxing the mind, sleep and is fantastic for Burns!

Birch - Good for soothing bone and deep muscle stress.

M-Grain - sooths headaches.

Peace and Calming - for anxiety, stress, etc.

Keep all oils out of eyes as eyes will sting. But, I have gotten oils in my eyes and the stinging goes away with no damage at all. Always apply with clean hands.

The oils should be kept out of reach of children. When using them on children, many of them can burn sensitive skin and should be mixed with vegetable oil as described in the enclosed pamphlet. However, in my experience, Lavender does not need to be mixed as it helps all burns. In fact, if an oil burns a little, just put a little lavender over it and you will be amazed. Lavender oil is the best burn remedy I have ever tried!!!!!

To order, please see attached catalogue. Call the 800 number and use the pin number included, for your first order. Sign up as a “distributor” for your first order in order to get the discounted prices. For that order only, you have to order the $5.00 Procedures manual, but even so, it saves you money on your orders. For any questions, please e-mail, phone, fax or write to us. And enjoy. These oils are truly magic. If you choose, not only can you use the oils to sooth muscles and support your immune system, but you can also make money by turning others on to them. If you are interested, we will send you tapes and tell you how to do it. We get checks each month that more than pay for our personal oils and supplements. (One we take is power meal, a great body builder food supplement. But more about that later).


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