Stories of the Young Living Essential Oils


Pastura, a young Spanish Flamenco dancer visiting this country, had hurt her back in a fall a few days earlier. The following two days I put my Young Living oils on her to relieve the pain. I also put more on her after her show. They relieved the pain completely. The other day a client came with a bad migraine she had had for two days and it was getting worse and she was afraid she was going to throw up. I gave her three drops of M-Grain oil (which she breathed and then rubbed on her temples) and in one minute her headache was gone!!!!! We were both amazed!

Recently I was introduced to a woman whose new blood pressure medication had kept her stomach upset for two weeks. She was feeling light headed and her blood pressure was still high when we measured it. As soon as I applied the Di-tone blend to her stomach it stopped hurting her for the first time in two weeks. Next I applied Aroma Life blend with Lavender to lower her blood pressure. Her dizziness cleared up immediately. When we measured her blood pressure again about fifteen minutes later, it was down to normal!

This is a MLM company and you can sign up as a distributor to get the best discount and to even do the business if you choose to make money for yourself. Because I am an independent distributor of the oils and am building a strong down line, I make more than enough money to pay for my extensive oil use. The oils are incredible and are healing me and the people I use them on. Anyone who visits me gets to try the oils. I got the whole kit after I tried someone else’s kit. Certain oils and blends take new pain away almost instantly. Old pain, as in old injuries, takes a little longer. There are emotional oils too and a blend called 3 wise men that helps me intensify my shamanic journeys! I have written out a few information sheets that describe what oils I have used successfully for common injuries. For example, I have “Oils for Dancers” which describes the oils I use to relieve sore or strained muscles and ligaments when I am working out in my dance studio.

I put together another sheet for carpal tunnel describing the oils with which I healed my hands while continuing to use my computer. To sign up and place an order, you may call me for a catalogue or call the company directly and sign up. Call the Young Living at (800) 763-9963. You must order $50 the first time to become a distributor, so order the Essential 7 (#3118) for $59.00. It contains Lavender, lemon, peppermint, purification, joy, PanAway, and Peace & Calming. Or, go to their web site ( and browse the catalogue. There is now an Introductory Pack which includes the Essential 7 for $130. Plus there are other interesting packs as well as the different oils and blends such as M-Grain. I have tapes describing these which I can lend or you can order directly from Young Living. You can also order a complete kit of all the blends and single oils except Rose. That’s what I did and then I ordered the rose separately and I am very glad that I have the whole kit. To order, you will need to give them my name and pin number as referring member and placement/sponsor: Marianna & Fred Mejia pin #24499. You can also order the booklet "Intro to Y.L. essential oils" by Gary Young and also Gary Young's Essential Oil PDR which is a great guide for how to use the oils.


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